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Friday, December 12th, 2008
8:33 pm
y halo thar, LJ.

i was reminded that i had, in fact, recently found out that gatefiction.com had been bought by someone else while i was offline. i was offline several months this fall, dammit.

now, the name is gone but all files still exist what i can do is send files to anyone who was hosted at gfic, in .zip or .tar or unzipped etc. i can ALSO host anyone who gets their own domain name (we'll just point it to your old files. i am NOT letting go of my webspace!)

if i get a new domain i will happily host anyone there, but i don't think i should just put up people's sites again without asking them.

i am really sorry for not catching this. i haven't been fannish really for 4 or 5 years and it shows.

anyhoo, if you want a copy of your files, let me know here and i will get them to you!
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
11:43 pm
Um, hi
Well I am alive. And not writing fic (but watching Heroes!!!) And while I can now read my old email I can't send anything so please to write to new addy: gatefiction AT gmail DOT com.

A couple of people at gatefiction.com has had login issues - I blame my webhost but can fix this for you as long as you let me know you can't get in.

love, Tea
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
6:01 am
mandycon '06
...I miss them already. And there is no way I'm waiting another four years before I see my beloved mandysbitch again. leksa will be back soon, at least.

We did manage to drink a lot of alcohol, and we got lost, and the weather was... Novemberish, and we brought sexy back.

Current Mood: sad
Friday, July 14th, 2006
9:55 pm
harry potter in post-its
So I was bored and made this.... Heh, no. Here's Hogwarts in post-its, pictures, and road signs. Or something like that. Take the tour, enjoy!

harry potter in post-its
Sunday, June 25th, 2006
2:26 pm
remixed! pwned! happy!
So mandysbitch remixed my xf fic "Two Step" - And the Ghosts Laughed (the Something Like a Phenomena Remix)

First, yeah, I know nothing of Supernatural, but I don't care, I love this story to bits. It's beautifully written - this guy Dean (told you I knew nothing about Supernatural) is fantastic, and I love the sibling interaction so much.

Second, okay, Two Step is one of those stories that, years after writing it, is still stuck in my brain. Now, the fic would not have been written had mandysbitch not sent me a cd that I liked so much I decided to write her a fic for every song, and one of the songs was "Two Step" by The Throwing Muses. The idea that she sends me a song that makes me write a fic and then that fic is remixed by her, why, it's just one of those things that makes me so HAPPY.

In RL, I've been known to do these kinds of tradeoffs with my father, who is an artist, and for me personally, it's all very satisfying - I'm sure this is why I've always liked fanfic, too. I wish I could upload a copy of the song, but I can't rip stuff on this comp *sigh* eta: mandysbitch uploaded it here - the song works for both stories, and is fab!

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
5:44 pm
hp remix fic
Uh, gatefiction.com is being stupid. Let's hope it's just temporary, it's three hours to THE GAME and I have no time for that now.

Anyway, for the bordy remix, here's a really short hp fic:

Sex War Death MagicCollapse )

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
5:55 pm
more b5 fic
here's another. i kinda like it. lochley is the mandy of b5, in a way *grins*

that untravell'd world, whose margin fades

...so, where does one post b5 fic anyway?
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
5:38 pm
she wrote about space, once
Uhm, hello. Yeah LJ is not for the likes of me, clearly. But, you know, I updated the old website today and I should tell someone who is not leksa. Because she's been so nice and done a whole lot of beta for me lately. Yeah, was it three years since I last posted fic? Four?

Fic the first: These Are the Things, a Babylon 5 post-series VERY SAD FIC ABOUT DEAD PEOPLE. Wrote it for myself after crying my way through Sleeping in Light. Should only be read after one has watched SiL and cried, really :)

Fic the second: Days Like Seconds, an Enterprise post-ep fic I wrote OH ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO OR MORE WAS IT LEEA???? and then lost but she had a copy and I figured, why not put it up?

There is a second B5 fic in the beta queue right now, which is what happens when you buy all the DVDs and spend your nights dreaming about Minbari.

And that was that.
Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
6:32 pm
a space station, all alone in the night...
So I spent like an hour cooking a really nice chicken-wok kinda meal, nice fresh veggies and a lot of slicin' and dicin' and so on. Enough for tomorrow, even. And then I sat down and ate it in, oh, about four minutes in front of The Simpsons... Yeah, see, this is why I need a kid. Eating alone just takes all the fun out of proper cooking.

I like living alone except for the whole eating alone thingie. Baah!

Oh, and leksa will be happy to know that I now have a big(ger) kitchen table and four new chairs so next time she comes over she won't have to sit on the floor to eat. I plan to have this place painted and decorated by xmas. The big question is: should I invite the neighbours to the moving-in party?

This ALSO means I can move the computer out of the kitchen.

Please tell me I can do the dishes tomorrow and sit down and write for a couple of hours? I have an original short I need to finish by next week, and then a short Ginny!fic, a long Minerva!fic, and the AU I'm writing with She Who Shall Not Be Named. Aaaah well fanfic, only in my head these days. But maybe I can actually post something this year. Or not.

Almost finished Jonathan Strange, the novel I thought of as Dickens sans the good bits for a long time. It picked up speed in the second part (of 3) and now I'm liking it a lot. I have a plotbunny for that book too! I really like the magic, and the bit about switching a person for a tree trunk is fab. Fab!

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
9:04 am
good morning
whee, to try and wake up i randomly shuffled a cd into the comp and threw on the headphones to create a wake-up space (and leksa, yours was the text message that woke me up, but I forgive ya) - anyway, turned out the first few songs were just perfect for this morning's wake-up.

1 John Vanderslice - Underneath the Leaves (my JV love is still going strong, his new stuff? totally fab. and this one is just quietly heartbreaking and a FAB first-thing-to-hear in the morning)

2 Belle and Sebastian - Storytelling

3 Paul Simon - Train in the Distance (especially the oh-oooh-oooh-ing)

4 David Wilcox - Eye of the Hurricane (this version starts off with him talking and talking and it's kinda cute, and then, LOVE the song and his voice)

5 Donots - Room with a View (now this woke me up! in a good way)

6 Duran Duran - Ordinary World (acoustic v.) (i know, but it's the "i'm gonna run off to school now" feeling)

7 Jeff Klein - Break in Two

8 John Mayer - Your Body is a Wonderland

9 Madonna - Rain

10 The Mekons - Last Night on Earth (isn't this the mekons', like, best-known song? worth it for just how he sings "grave")

i don't need no fancy mp3 player set at random, my cd's are all doing the totally random, as you can see.

Current Mood: random!
Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
2:39 pm
my long weekend, by tea, aged twenty-hrumph years
while parts of the world went bugfuck crazy, i had a long nice weekend away.

well most of it was nice.

FIRST i went to the wedding of one of my oldest-and-dearest friends, and my outfit was fab (waiting for pics, will prolly look a fright in them just because i felt so pretty), the pink knitted dress, white boots, pink undies, curly hair, all supernice. the ceremony was non-religious and beautiful, the bride was glowing and happy and the kissing was sweet. groom kept saying "my wife" and you just knew he'd not tire of saying it for ages.

THE WEDDING DINNER was uber-traditional meaning long long long speeches and we sat at table for over five hours. everyone was polite but i had nothing in common with the people next to me and ended up really reaching for subjects (five hours! gold star!) also i was terribly nervous about my speech so didn't drink much, maybe too little in fact. speech was okay though.

anyway after dinner i hung out with the old posse and talked about who is the sexiest character on "Lost" (Sawyer!) and also who is the sexiest person in the government. bride kept running around looking happy so was all good.

took the EARLY TRAIN home next morning and dad called me on the train to ask if we were going to the book fair. so i ended up just dropping my bag off at home and checking on the cats (doing just fine) and went to the book fair and bought ten books (L! another first edition Lang!) and was very pleased.

SISTER called on the way home from the fair and asked if i wanted to drive down to the country house so ran home and packed the cats and some books and we drove down. my sister is kinda bad at driving so that part was the less fun bit of the weekend. also she doesn't like cats and what with the cats being MY BABIEZ, well, you can't win them all i guess.

had a LOVELY COUPLE OF DAYS in the country and then drove back this morning and now i have to clean the flat because it is very neglected.

my life: first nothing happens, then nothing happens, then everything happens at once. like the fact that i'm FINALLY going to get the flat painted! thank you mr. painter for only taking a MONTH to get back to me!
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
5:25 pm
oh mr frodo! mr frodo! it's a wood-thing!
Got an email about some tWW archive moving, don't remember what kind of archive, don't care. Read the long mail and thought "nice to let me know (since they don't know I don't care anymore)" but then it got all "we request that you..." and, like, sure I will do anything about stories posted in 2001 or whenever.

I don't think so.

Oh, phonecall. Do I want to go out tonight? Hmmmmmmmmmm yes. Yes, I do. But what to wear? Oh the ANGST.

Oh and I have brill idea for a HP thingie that needs to be a collaboration. Might pitch it to the Bordy. Anyone? Bueller?

What to wear? And also, do I drink this bottle of wine now? With pasta? Or just the wine? When oh when did my life become an endless parade of questions...oh, wait. Okay.

Current Mood: crazy
Monday, July 25th, 2005
2:16 pm
it was Herodotus, if you must know
I was chasing down a stray literary quote - and really, not much "chasing" to it, these days, simply type a word or two into Google - and remembered how I used to have to do it, to write a paper. All that running around in the University library to find more than two sources (always finding something more interesting than whatever ancient book on the apocrypha: like the collected works of Ivy Compton-Burnett) and now you only have to google it.

I was thinking that my daughter won't know what to do inside a University library, and then, closing my eyes and knowing that I would only have to run my fingers over a shelf of volumes and instantly know my way.

It's been years since I went to any kind of library - the wish to build my own has been to great (and all the late fees I could have spent on my own books) and now I am slowly planning to incorporate my father's collection and I should drown in books at some point, I am sure.

But countless hours of my life has made its mark and my fingers, and my nose and ears and eyes, they all remember.
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
12:02 pm
there is so much comfort in going out with your bestest and oldest friends, and overindulge just because it's us, and tease each other and plan a bridal shower in five minutes, because you can tell those girls just about anything and they will say, that's good, or, i have a better idea, and no one will be hurt but all of us thinks, while stumbling home in the night, we think i have been seen.

Current Mood: hungover
Monday, July 18th, 2005
2:53 pm
i kissed voldemort on a bus in leeds!!!!
Stayed up all night reading Harry Potter. Now I can't do a THING except be lazy in front of the comp... Well I am currently on the first week of my five weeks paid vacation, so I'm not allowed to moan about being tired. (I have SO earned my five weeks. SO.)

The flat needs a good cleaning, as always - two cats accumulate huge amounts of dust and hair. Also I don't remember when I last did my dishes.

Must decide if I'm going out tomorrow night. I should not, and spend the money buying a. a birthday present and myself some kind of floor mop thingie.

So when I was last online we had suprnova and all that. Now I've found torrentspy and piratebay but it's SLOW - any sites out there someone could recommend? Or should I just download the newest eps and not try to catch up?

Lj-ing around to read Harry posts makes you blind - what the heck is wrong with black on white? Yellow text on pink makes my eyes cross. It's like we're back to when everyone had a "homepage" on Angelfire and purple-text-on-green-swirls was the cool.

Let's see if I can remember how to make a cut for HP:HBP spoilersCollapse )

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
11:46 pm
back to it (all)

I am drunk. So why not make the first LJ post in, oh what, eight months? Yes indeed why not. So I dunno if I still have any LJ friends left. Except for leksa cuz she's gonna come over for Pride in about two weeks so she'd better still be my friend. Or she'll have to sleep on the street (where random strangers will take her for a Childe Prostitute and she'll be like all "okay, for a day pass at Pride/a cig/ a kind word/harry potter twincest fic, I'll do you" and, well, she's easy. ooops. Strike last para....

So my laptop died Dec 2004. And offline was kinda fun but now I have a computer again. And iz reachable at teanna@gatefiction.com whenever the server is okay. And this year has been so-so. I have a new flat. And a lot of stuff happened. And I guess I finally came out of the depression I've had for, oh, years. And stuff.

And am single for Pride. That's interesting.

oooooh will return when sober. Feel free to leave a comment about how much I suck/some gatefiction/thestylus RPS fic with fisting/a poem about your latest fuck.

love me again? (lj changed since i was last here. so many things to play with!)

Current Mood: drunk
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
9:51 am
in the lj of my life, this entry would go HERE (don't pass go)
I have no one to vote for today but I can tell y'all I'm old enough to have lived in a country where we had an Official State Religion and we used to have to vote in Ye Olde Church Elections, something that made me feel sick cuz, dude, no religion and also mostly they didn't like queers much (they got better). But I voted anyway. Now there's a story to tell your grandchildren! --> Good Luck to all of us who has a stake in today's election. Which could be all the people in the world, if to a lesser degree than some folks think.

Aaaaah leksa will be pleased to know the New Sparkly Top got the Stamp of Approval from le Gay Boys Mafia meaning they'll still party with me. It does shed glitter all over so I woke up Monday morning with magpies knocking on my window. The girl, she sparkles!

Ah, time to do laundry. I think I was promised domestic robots by the year 2004, wasn't I Mr. Asimov? So pony up already!

(ah, at non effugies iambos meos --> thank god for the delete button, i guess)

Current Mood: perplexed
Monday, October 11th, 2004
8:02 am
the non-days of this other life
ah, Jacques Derrida is dead, and if you are like me, this means one less philosopher chasing you around in your dreams, shouting insults in French.

I am looking for a new flat, this one with actual space instead of, you know, pretend space. Right now my books are probably mating and I can't stop it, because most of 'em are hidden behind those I know I may need at a moment's notice. Nothing worse than waking up, knowing you just have to reread a certain chapter and then you can't find the effing book. This leads to having to make up sequels in your head, and, much like sappy Paris/Torres fic, it's all just too bad (had a Voyager morning, don't ask).

BUT what I have come to realize is that I have to buy a lot of new furniture for the new flat, as cats have demolished all the bookshelves, the carpet, and, I just looked under my bed, yes, they have ruined the bed too. They hang upside-down under it, much like bats. Cat claws - I'm sure they would be very useful on any regular NASA/MacGuyver Mission.

Soo, new bed, bookshelves, carpets... I can tell I'm going to be sleeping on the floor for a bit. The upside is that I won't have to move all this crap and can get the new stuff delivered (by strapping young men who just happen to be bisexual and open to... but that's another sexual fantasy I will keep to myself).

I may get a third red cat - there's this poor tom in my neighborhood who doesn't seem to have his own human slave an owner, and now the nights are pretty cold... Funny how many cats you can fit into pretend space...

Current Mood: headache-y
Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
8:42 pm
fluff entry, add own nutrition
oh i love shopping. plane tickets, sexy lingerie, books, sushi, romance novels, sparkly candles and all manner of pretty things, i have it all, right here on the bed. oh but K. paid for the sushi.

saturday=party!!!! happyhappy about this.

sunday i had mimosas in bed. then i never got up all day, i just kept drinking mimosas and stayed in bed. i recommend this to all females of all ages at all times.

all i need now: pink boots, stay-ups, cat food. esp. the cat food (mundane! she cried out.)

oh and also i need a million dollars. as you do.

Current Mood: sparkly
Monday, September 6th, 2004
10:43 am
it's all very random
ooops i'm back. and gatefiction.com is back too, and i'm sorry about fucking it up yet again, i love going away for all of august and that's when i have to renew the domain name and i'm not around.

tonight all over the world people are going to light candles and put in their windows remembering the children who died in russia.

i have hot pink glittery nail polish and a new shimmer foundation. the amount of money i spend on make-up, i could get several return trips to london for it. still going to london with leksa soon, right L?

my cats! are fat and redyellow and the prettiest things ever and next to me on the bed purring warm.

now it's raining outside.

this was very random, as i am having a very random day. from next week or so i will not have to work mondays ever again so i'm looking forward to always having mondays off for forever maybe.

Current Mood: contemplative
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